Pawns (the Great Divide)

They get up in the morning to work another day
Turn on their radios to hear the man say
I know the reason why you’re stuck
We gotta drain the swamp, clear the muck
If you want things to be better, he said
We gotta paint this country red
So go downtown with flag and gun
That’s how the west was won

And the liberal reporter gets up before dawn
Deriding the confusion of the aforementioned pawn
Educating us about times before
While omitting the whole class war
How we fought side by side – white, Black and brown
A hundred years ago right here in this town
They talk about the slave patrols, but not about that
You can call it ignorance, but I smell a rat

And the pawns line up and take their sides
In the land of the great divide

A politician runs for office in this country
He pretends not to be affected by the money
He stands up for our rights especially when
It’s one that’s supported by the money men
He tells us not to look behind the curtain
As his voting record makes it absolutely certain
He’s representing the few
That’s what all the millionaires in both parties do

With us all divided in so many directions
With some getting rich, others plotting insurrections
Someone said a half truth is worse than a lie
More powerful even than a bullet in the eye
It seems in order to divide and rule
They just amplify the voices of the tools
In the Congress, in the White House, on TV
Or in a caravan of pickup trucks invading the city