PDX Houseless Radicals Collective

Because the scions do not give a shit
About people getting shot in their tents
Because clearly, from where they sit We might as well die on the pavement
Because they’ve been saying forever They’ll stop this downward roll
Because those with their hands on the levers Just watch the rising death toll

Because this system’s been a Ponzi scheme Since when the pioneers
Declared they found the American Dream After the Trail of Tears
Because they say they own this butte Where our ancestors worked and died
Blowing gravel down the chute Along this mountainside

So folks came together in solidarity
The Houseless Radicals Collective – PDX HRC

Because the rich have no way ahead
Except more of the same
Because we don’t want to end up dead
Because this is not a game
Because the whole capitalist system
With all these lives at stake
Just keeps creating the problems
For fuck’s sake


Because they think they own the Earth
And we don’t have a right
Like if you weren’t rich enough from birth
You should just stay out of sight
In the basements of the churches
In the prisons and tent camps
Because they sit on their lofty perches
While we sleep by the off-ramps