Rasmea Odeh

Rasmea was born in Palestine a year before she had to flee
Her family left their home at gunpoint – since then she’s been a refugee
She lived a hard life in the camps, her dad had to move away
Try to support his family from way out in Michigan, USA

When Rasmea was first arrested, not much older than a kid
There had been a bombing, and the next thing the authorities did
Was round up the whole neighborhood – 500 women, children and men
They tortured Rasmea – they only stopped when

They extracted their confession – she did what she had to do
Having no idea when her ordeal would be through
After 10 years in a dungeon, in the land of stolen fates
She was sent to Jordan, from where she moved to the United States

Rasmea made a life here helping refugees like her
Adapting to their new lives and the people they once were
Until her home was raided because she once checked the wrong box
For not mentioning the confession produced by the electro-shocks

Again Rasmea was arrested – once again stripped of citizenship
Some drink deeply of their freedom – some only get a little sip
The fact that she was tortured was not considered of import
Only Israeli military evidence was recognized by the American court

Now they say they will deport her from the city on the lake
They say that 20 years ago she made a technical mistake
They say Rasmea is a terrorist, but I’d say it would seem
Rasmea Odeh is the victim of a terrorist regime