Rent Control

They say the economy is booming tho on this there’s much debate
It depends on how well you’re getting by
Development is zooming, some folks think that’s great
And now you can legally get high

But even that can’t mask the pain that so many of us feel
When we’re paying so much rent
To be homeless in the rain is so nasty and so real
Looks like the good times came and went

Rent control (2x)
‘Cause that’s the way everything should be
Rent control (2x)
The choice of a democracy

In some places they make laws that limit corporations
That keep greedy landlords in check
Here we have the cause but we lack the politicians
With enough spine in their necks


Every day that passes while we don’t have rent control
Is an insult to the human race
Time to get up off our asses, take back the city that they stole
Put the greedy bankers in their place