Resign (Ballad of Tear Gas Ted)

Protests have been going for nigh a hundred nights
Shrouded in tear gas and other horrifying sights
Riot cops smashing people’s heads into the concrete
For standing on the sidewalk or for walking in the street
During which you’ll often hear a unifying line
Resign, resign, resign

In many places in the world chemical weapons are banned
Including in some cities in this very land
But here in Portlandia it’s anything goes
Pull their masks off and spray, in the city of the rose
If this is civilization, it’s one that’s in decline
Resign, resign, resign

It’s a sanctuary city – a sanctuary for whom?
Those who don’t mind smoke bombs in their living room
Those who don’t mind being beaten if they’re out at the wrong time
Thanks to the DA who dropped the charges for the crime
But how about a mayor who’s not entirely supine?
Resign, resign, resign

If we defunded the police, things could be so great
Then Oregon wouldn’t look so much like a failed state
It could be a lovely city, here on the river shore
If the cops did not attack us like in some dirty war
Then the Nazis come to town and don’t even get a fine
Resign, resign, resign

The president dislikes him – we have common enemies
Be that as it may, we don’t like friends like these
Attacking children and reporters, for whichever press
Gassing the whole city and making mass arrests
You’re not flipping houses here, lives are on the line
Resign, resign, resign