You can say that it’s about the savages
You can say you have a better way to live
You can call it Manifest Destiny
You can talk of all your civilization will give
You can say that we’re a thing of history
And progress is the future you will bring
You can send your armies to these mountains
You can say we’ll prosper beneath your king

But there will always be resistance
The next battle will always be near
As long as you have everything
There will be those who have nothing to fear
And little by little, or maybe all at once you will lose
Because our future is not yours to choose

You can say that you’ve got to stop the communists
You can say that our ideals can’t succeed
You can say that competition is the only way
And a global system based on greed
And you can call yourself a democrat
You can call yourself whatever you will
And you can keep on stamping out the fires you start
So you might stay on top of the hill


You can say that all of us are traitors
Because we oppose your wars of conquest
And your scheming corporations
And all the crimes that they have not confessed
You can say that we are not patriots
Because our nation is not your empire
Because we refuse to stand idly by
As our cities are rising up in fire


And you can say that all of us are terrorists
Madmen bent on destroying all that’s free
You can say that we are building weapons
As your bombers fly from sea to bloody sea
You can say you’re with us or against us
And to die quietly is what we now must do
You can maintain your innocence
You can say that you are many, as you represent the few


Sheet music for this song can be found in Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

“Resistance” appears on the 2003 CD, The Return.

The powers-that-be always have different names for their “enemy within.”  There’s always one or more of them.  The indigenous people, the communists, the peaceniks and the terrorists are the ones I highlight in this song.

I was invited to sing for half a million freezing cold protesters on February 15th, 2003 in New York City, and did.  I had time for one song, like everybody else as far as I recall.  This is the one I chose, for better or for worse.