Riot Dog

Lots of folks are revolting
They’ve had enough of this shit
The rich are getting richer
They’re saying “that’s it”
But with Louk it’s different, that’s clear
As he emerges from the fog
Let’s hear it for Loukanikos
The ri – ot dog

It’s a fight between people
But he is no pawn
He knows exactly
Which side he’s on
In the machine of capital
He is no cog
Let’s hear it for Loukanikos
The riot dog

When a smoke bomb comes towards him
He kicks it back at the fuzz
No he acts a bit different
Than a normal dog does
He’s got a fan page on Facebook
But he’s got no time for a blog
Let’s hear it for Loukanikos
The riot dog

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Riot Dog

“Riot Dog” appears on the 2011 CD, Big Red Sessions, as well as on the Soundclick album, Ten New Songs (2010).

Loukanikos, the Greek dog, was in the media quite a bit for years.  I had known of him for years before I got around to writing the song, if I recall correctly.  Bjorn-Magne Stuesdol’s timing in making the video meant that it came out during the few months when the biggest protests, the biggest riots and the most Loukanikos media coverage ever was happening.  The song was played on Greek radio, the video was on Greek TV, and has been viewed on YouTube now more than 200,000 times.