Rod Monroe Campaign Song

You’ve been a politician for forty years
Schmoozing with your landlord peers
Governing for the millionaires
Pretending that you really care
About the regular folks who elected you
About the renters that you screw
You can call yourself a Democrat
But you’re just one more fatcat

Landlord Senator Rod Monroe
The landlords love you, don’t you know
But we all say it’s time to go
Landlord Senator Rod Monroe

Your tenants complain of moldy walls
Leaking roofs, waterfalls
You rent out at the market rate
Which is something you create
By passing bills that you surmise
Will allow the rent to rise
Conflict of interest – no doubt
That’s what this is all about


Money from landlord lobbyists
Given to you hand over fist
Corruption that’s so easy to see
Just like the GOP
Against rent control, against restrictions
On anything like no-cause evictions
A servant of the elite
Who’s going to lose his Senate seat