I was at a demonstration
Somewhere in this great nation
Millions of riot cops were milling everywhere
They were eating meatball subs
They were swinging billy clubs
Then there came a thunderous noise right above us in the air

I can hear the people all shouting out with glee
And when I look up to the sky
I can’t help but wonder why
That helicopter’s circling above right above me

I was singing like a bird
Just trying to be heard
Singing on the stage some wistful melody
And there seemed to be consensus
That with that copter up above us
There was just one song now that might have a harmony


As we gathered up the tazed
We were happily amazed
That the medics had the water for to flush our eyes for gas
But what was really most impressive
Though perhaps a bit aggressive
Was when a hundred bodies spelled three letters on the grass


Sheet music:

“RPG” appears on Halliburton Boardroom Massacre (CD, 2006).

Like the story in the title track of the CD it appears on, the RPG incident actually didn’t happen.  I just thought it would have been nice.  What did happen was at the Boston Commons during the week of the DNC in 2004, folks at the event I was singing at who were apparently almost as annoyed as I was about the helicopter hovering overhead that was ruining the whole thing (from a sonic perspective at least), organized an impromptu spelling of “FUCK OFF” with multiple bodies laying out on the grass in front of the stage where I was singing, such that the helicopter above could easily see it.

Oh, perhaps I should mention that “RPG” stands for “Rocket-Propelled Grenade” in this case, not “Role-Playing Game.”