Norway is known for many things
One of them most surely is not Cricket
When Norway plays international matches
They often end up in a sticky wicket
But Vålerenga was once one of Norway’s best teams
Until it became one of the worst
Eighteen games played, sixteen lost
It seemed that the team was cursed
But the men of Vålerenga have come up with a plan
And now the course is clear
Our hope lies now in convincing Sachin
That he should fly up here

We need a blessing from the God of Cricket
To lift us out of this ditch
We need a blast from the Master Blaster
Then we’ll surely have the run of the pitch

Cricket is a sport loved by many
But not many in Norway
So Sachin if you come up to visit
You can walk around in the middle of the day
No one will recognize you
You don’t have to be a superstar
As long as you avoid South Asian restaurants
And British or Australian bars
We’ll drive you around the mountains
You can ski here if you please
But won’t you come up to Norway, Sachin
Land of the brown smoked cheese


Sachin, you’ve had times of hardship
But mostly you’ve had success
Maybe we could do that, too
At least that is our best guess
If you know how much we love you, Sachin
Might that bring you north?
Just what might be required
To cause you to sally forth
And board a plane for Oslo
Where you are needed most
In the land of the midnight sun
Here by the North Sea coast


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“Sachin” appears on the Bandcamp album, All the News That’s Fit to Sing (2014).

Filmmaker Ritchie Cavender-Cole was looking for music for a documentary about the cricket team in Norway that he played with, and their farcical efforts to get global cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar to visit Norway and give them some pointers.  I wrote this for the occasion, which appears in the documentary, which has been broadcast throughout Norway and India.