Shoplifting at Whole Foods

The economy is crashed but the landlord wants the rent
That’s where all the Pandemic Unemployment money went
Along with medicine and food, but now the aid is gone
And we can’t eat those nice “we’re in it together” signs on your lawn

So the ranks of the evicted are growing every day
More and more tent cities, moving in to stay
Hungry parents stealing just to feed their broods
And the most discerning ones shoplift at Whole Foods

‘Cause it’s owned by the world’s biggest corporation
You can call it petty crime or you can call it liberation

If you do it by yourself, it might not go so well
But if you call a flash mob and watch your numbers swell
Bring the kids and have a picnic – use a fork, don’t be rude
And make sure to wear a mask when you shoplift at Whole Foods


All of Bezos’ billions has made society unstable
He’s so rich, while so many can’t put food upon the table
They can hope we’ll just die quietly, but I’m not in the mood
I’d rather gather friends up and go shoplift at Whole Foods