Smashing Elbit Systems

Protests were going on, they were going on for years
And then Palestine Action started smashing up the gears
And that’s when the people got up off their seats
Took their families into town and blockaded the streets
For three days and nights, you could hear the hammers swing
Though no one knew for sure what the future might bring
They knew one thing for certain — these weapons of war
Must not be sent to the ports they’re heading for

So this is a note to Elbit Systems – you will be shut down
When the sledgehammers of justice come to town

After smashing up equipment, and smashing a whole bunch
A lot of folks began developing a hunch
The cops took three full days to send anyone inside
And after fifteen hours, they let the charges slide
It seems the prosecutors understood the clime
British companies aiding and abetting war crimes
The factory in Oldham had to close it’s gate
And the muralists in Palestine said that’s smashing great


All around the country, hammers being swung
Showing civil disobedience is stronger than the tongue
Taking action here so the weapons go nowhere
So they don’t get sent to the IOF, because we know what they’ll do there
And so does the prime minister, and the men who he supports
Selling weapons to war criminals who don’t want to go to court
Who don’t want to face the facts of what they’ve done
Where the bullets go when they’re fired from the guns


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