So Many Years Ago

It was so many years ago
But it seems like yesterday
When we would walk along the water
And I would melt each time you’d say
“Te quiero, mi amor”
And you would kiss my cheek
And all my troubles would drift away
Like a flower down the creek

It was so many years ago
But the memory’s so clear
I see the sparkle of your eyes
I feel your lips upon my ear
The scratchy stubble on your chin
The roughness of your hands
In my heart I see you and I wonder
Who really understands

It was so many years ago
That we lay side by side
Our naked bodies mingling
With nothing left to hide
I’d watch the ripples of your muscles
Beneath the soft glow of the stars
While we’d listen to the distant sound
Of voices and guitars

It was so many years ago
The sweat upon your forehead glistened
I recall the words you spoke
And how the people listened
I remember where I sat
Looking at your long black hair
The debates would last til dawn
And change was in the air

It was so many years ago
But what’s most etched upon my mind
Was the hour when you left me
And our little home behind
Ever since that awful moment
Things have never been the same
The leaves were falling on the rooftops
On the day the soldiers came

Sheet music for this song may be found in Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

“So Many Years Ago” appears on the 2003 CD, The Return.

It’s a love song from another perspective.  Love in the course of a civil war.  I had probably been reading a lot of Eduardo Galeano when I wrote this.