Someday (On Burnside)

Dorothy sits on the bridge as her baby cries
From the bottom of the city, watching the buildings rise
All around her, going up tall and wide
On Burnside

Dorothy dreams of getting up in the morning, going to class
Taking a shower at home, wiping her ass
Not looking for a bathroom in someplace she hasn’t tried
On Burnside Someday

Dorothy takes a hit of something someone passes her way
Whatever it is, maybe it’ll help her pass the day
That she spends being living proof there’s no free ride
On Burnside Someday

Dorothy pushes her cart down the sidewalk, holding a bag
Picks up a butt and takes a drag
Looks for a place to go, she’s got lots of time to bide
On Burnside

Dude’s pushing papers, looking bright and clean
Talking about throwing your body into the gears of the machine
If yours hasn’t already been mangled by the Great Divide
On Burnside Someday