Somewhere On Spotify

Somewhere on Spotify you’ll find a playlist
With most of what I’ve written, with barely a song missed
Like my first album which I hocked out on the road
I’d spend earnings on expenses, that’s how the money flowed
After just a little while it became a circular thing
It was a pattern where each year I would sing
Into a mic in a studio somewhere
And I’m not looking for everything to be perfectly fair

It’s nice that it’s all free now, but there are days I miss
When I could make a living at this

Somewhere on Spotify you’ll find the albums that I made
From the time the bills stopped being paid
By an exchange so simple, ever since the days began
When just covering the costs meant first begging from my fans
Spending all this money again in a studio
End up with another album, and nothing else to show
Except a dozen songs on Spotify for me to give away
Five thousand monthly listeners, seven dollars a day


Somewhere on Spotify you’ll find a million people like me
Veterans of what was called the indy music industry
You’ll find us there, along with all the youth
Who’d be forgiven for not knowing that it is the truth
That it wasn’t long ago folks like me could pay the rent
We didn’t need to hop freight trains or live in a tent
There was a little while when the internet seemed cool
Now we all get reamed while Big Tech rules