Song for the BBB

See the man in his limousine
In his tie and well-pressed shirt
Hoping that he’s not been seen
On the lookout for desert
He knows that he is guilty
And a visit might be paid
By the vegan vigilantes
Of the Biotic Baking Brigade

What’s that sailing through the air
In the boardrooms see them shiver
You can spend your life hoping for pie in the sky
But the Baking Brigade delivers

If you sell your city’s soul
To the landlords’ greedy pack
You my friend have earned yourself
A tasty pastry snack
You can call yourself a liberal
And hope your crimes will fade
But your sell-out soul will be exposed
By the Biotic Baking Brigade


So if you cut down the last of the forests
Spew poison in the air
Don’t you be surprised to find
That cheesecake in your hair
Yes if you are a corporate criminal
You’ve surely made the grade
To receive a fresh-baked goody from
The Biotic Baking Brigade


Beware all you scoundrels of industry
We know of your disgrace
So smile for the camera
With the cream pie in your face
You can hope that we won’t find you out
As you’re hiding in the shade
But someday soon you’ll live to meet
The Biotic Baking Brigade


Sheet music for this song may be found in Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

“Song for the BBB” appears on the 2000 CD, Live at Club Passim.

It was a refreshing form of direct action that was fairly commonplace for a few years prior to 9/11.  Prominent victims of a pie in the face include Bill Gates and Milton Friedman.  Some of the less successful pie-throwing episodes include the one involving the mayor of San Francisco.  In his case it was a mixed-berry pie, which was the wrong color for a physical confrontation with a high-ranking official (red).  Cream pies are best.  Or vegan cream.