Stock Exchange

The year was 1918, the place, 69 Jagtvej
The unemployed and hungry gathered to ask why
The bankers and stockbrokers lived like kings and queens
While the ragged children starved behind the scenes
Tens of thousands rallied for action to be taken
For the state to show the poor had not been totally forsaken
When no response was coming, plans began to be arranged
For the taking over of the stock exchange

The syndicalists at Folkets Huset were all well aware
That undercover cops were everywhere
Plans were kept secret so there wouldn’t be a snag
When the time came, follow the one wrapped in the red flag
Thousands followed then, knowing not what lay in store
Soon found themselves upon the exchange’s floor
Where such ostentatious wealth cried out to be estranged
From the profiteers inside the stock exchange

The stockbrokers were not harmed, but the cops were kept at bay
As the floor was occupied for much of the day
The Battle of the Borso would be a story to retell
The protest and the prison time would be remembered well
They didn’t overthrow the bankers but the actions of the date
Led directly to reforms of the Danish welfare state
Working class prosperity no longer seemed so strange
From the day the workers took the stock exchange

The year was 1918, the place, 69 Jagtvej

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