Stranded in Tokyo

I should be in New Zealand, I know I’ve mentioned that before
By now I’d be in Wellington, knocking on your door
It’s winter where you are, I bet you’re wearing a warm coat
I might be doing the same, coming in from Picton on a boat
But instead I’m in this hotel, wishing I could go
Stranded in Tokyo

I should be in New Zealand, but perhaps life isn’t fair
And that’s why I’m sweating over here, instead of chilling over there
Or maybe I need to learn to cross my t’s and dot my i’s
And my current situation shouldn’t come as a surprise
At least the immigration agent and lots of others told me so
Stranded in Tokyo

I should be in New Zealand but instead I’m in Japan
Thinking maybe I should have been a salaryman
In an air-conditioned office I wouldn’t need to worry
How to get twelve different visas for twelve countries in a hurry
I wouldn’t have to figure out how to get to the next show
I wouldn’t be stranded in Tokyo

“Stranded in Tokyo” has only appeared as a YouTube broadside, not on any albums or CDs.

I wrote this while I was stranded in Tokyo, after having been prevented by Immigration New Zealand from boarding a flight from Tokyo to Auckland.