T-Stop Cafe

There’s that guy in his bow-tie going off to maitre-de
There’s Richard ranting a rave saying Jesus don’t you see
There’s old Mrs. K, carrying an apple pie
Behind the green-haired girl hanging on the sly

There’s Dennis and Jorge pulling along their rig
Oh and here comes Mary Lou off to do an indoor gig
Judy’s gone to school to misdirect the youth
Spaced-out kid with comic books is dreaming of a phone booth

Have a good ride, come again someday
And thanks for stopping by the t-stop cafe

The mayor’s stumbled off the train, he’s looking for a dime
There’s Jim searching in his brain for a decent rhyme
The ghost of top-hat Dana never leaves the place
Every time I see a park bench, it’s hiding out his face


That baby’s singing along with a little plastic stork
Oh and Gordon’s sniffing the platform for a bottle to uncork
Crazy Jane’s blaming the CIA for giving her a rash
Nisha’s poking around the corners for a quiet place to crash


Well the T’s a fine place to visit, long as you don’t have to stay
So I hope you’ll deign to drop on by on some other day
Next time you have some time that’s free or you’re on a wild shopping spree
You can rest assured you just might be dropping in on me


Sheet music to this song may be found inĀ Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

“T-Stop Cafe” appears on the 1998 CD, We Just Want the World.

I made a living (more or less) as a busker for many years, mainly in the 1990’s, primarily on the central platform of the Red Line T stop at Park Street, in the center of Boston, Massachusetts.