Take Me Away

It’s just another Thursday morning driving down the autobahn
Recalling people I have known, good times come and gone
I’ve been on the road a month now, there’s one more month to go
I like all of the discussions at almost every show
But at some point in the evening I just want to say
Won’t you please take me away from here

I wouldn’t sing this at a show — it sounds a bit too dire
It would come off like a pick-up line and undoubtedly backfire
You probably weren’t wondering, but all it takes is one
Which is so much more like many than it is like none
As I meander through the world, I’m longing every day
Won’t you please take me away from here

Not that I don’t appreciate all the rest there is to share
But sometimes a conversation and the scent of someone’s hair
Just leaves me having daydreams about taking off my clothes
Which would be highly inappropriate, as most everybody knows
But the thought I’ll go to sleep with, there where I lay is
Won’t you please take me away from here