Tax the Rich

Five hundred or so rich men in the Congress
Are engaged in some most serious debate
Along with a few thousand lobbyists
They will now decide the world’s fate
They say we’re running out of dough
And the people all must take another hit
Well there are some things that I know
And what they’re saying is [BULLSHIT]

I am not a mathematician
But one doesn’t have to be too deft
To see if one percent of us owns half the wealth
That leaves ninety-nine percent to share what’s left
And then if sixty cents on each tax dollar
Is buying bombs to blow the planet into bits
Then I think we need to grab them by the collar
And patiently explain to them that that’s [BULLSHIT]

Close the loopholes so none of them can fudge it
And eliminate the military budget

They say we cannot pay for health care
Nor for decent schools to educate the kids
Sorry if you don’t have shoes to wear
But this recession has just left us in the skids
They say we can’t afford those windmills
After all, so just stiffen up and show a little grit
And if climate change and poverty have gotten you down
Just sing “Oh say can you see” [BULLSHIT]


They say we’ve got to fight those terrorists
They say we’ve got to send our kids to war
Just ignore that corporation behind the flag
And don’t ask us what the hell they’re fighting for
I hear GE is subsidized
Leaving us fools to pay for it
They shirk their duties while we downsize
I know what that’s called – [BULLSHIT]


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“Tax the Rich” appears on the Bandcamp album, Ten New Songs (2011).

I was one of many people using the 1%/99% meme before Occupy Wall Street got started, and here’s proof…  It’s a good one.  As is the idea of taxing the rich, and living in an egalitarian society.  Even the rich will be happier in a more egalitarian society (though less rich).