Tax the Sun

They claimed they were all for fairness and all for keeping the market free
They were all about competition, against all subsidy
They’re opposed to raising taxes wherever they may be
Except in certain cases, such as when the oil industry
Feels threatened by entrepreneurs trying to get something done
So now it’s time to tax the sun

They say they’re all for individuals pursuing worthy goals
Except ones that might cause industry to dig up less coal
So the politicians voted and almost all agreed
There was no need for debate before they did the deed
No need for gridlock now – united, almost every one
Now it’s time to tax the sun

Serving people’s interests is the politician’s goal
Especially certain people who like digging giant holes
Like very wealthy businessmen with names like David Koch
Concerned extractive industries might soon be going broke
One more solar panel, then the terrorists have won
So it’s time to tax the sun

They say they can’t give cheaper access to the electric grid
Although we don’t all use now as some of us once did
Although we make it cheaper for everybody else
By putting up these turbines and those solar cells
There may be lots of benefits, the downsides may be none
But now it’s time to tax the sun

There may be a climate crisis, the lights soon may all go dark
All the scientists agree, the situation’s stark
If we’re heading toward the wall, speeding down the tracks
The solution to the problem must surely be a tax
Wanna make things better, they’ll have you on the run
Now it’s time to tax the sun

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“Tax the Sun” appears on the Bandcamp album, All the News That’s Fit to Sing (2014).

Lobbying once again pays off for the lobbyists — blatant political corruption at work, all completely legal in the land of the brave and the home of the free.  In this instance, the dirty energy companies got everything they wanted in Oklahoma, namely for renewable energy providers to be taxed — rather than subsidized, like they would be in a sensible place not controlled by lobbyists for oil companies.