Terrorist In Chief

It’s September 11th and Obama gave a speech
On the War on Terror and its mighty reach
The arm of the law is long and victory will be ours
As long as we cooperate with certain powers
Such as the ones who funded the Islamic State
The Saudis are our allies, of this there’s no debate
The misogynist king will bring us some relief
From the Caliphate – so said the Terrorist-In-Chief

It’s September 11th, listen to the man
Talk about successes in Afghanistan
Still the world’s poorest country, still beneath the yoke
Of the very terrorists whose back he claimed we broke
Now we’re at war with IS in Syria and Iraq
Though we can’t support the main army that’s fighting back
They’re terrorists too, though with a secular belief
So down with Asad! So said the Terrorist-In-Chief

It’s September 11th and there’s someone on the screen
I’m still trying to figure out what he means
The Peshmerga are ours now, we give them air support
While just across the border, lives cut short
By our Turkish allies, also in this fight
As they kill our infantry when they have them in their sights
There are some things not worth mentioning, he’s got to keep it brief
So said the Terrorist-In-Chief

It’s September 11th and I’m hearing every sound
3,200 boots, but they don’t really touch the ground
And all the mercenaries, they don’t really count
These details don’t matter when there’s a campaign to mount
Just listen closely, the White House has it sussed
We’ll protect those refugees, these oil cans won’t rust
No, not Honduran kids – Yazidi ones, good grief
So said the Terrorist-In-Chief

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“Terrorist In Chief” appears on the Bandcamp album, When I’m Elected President (2014).

President Obama gave an anti-terrorist, pro-bombing speech on the eve of September 11th, 2014, and I wrote a song.  The whole political and military strategy was just as confused then as it is now.  It went something like this:  bomb Islamic State targets but don’t use ground troops, send lots of aid to other rebel groups that may or may not exist, and ignore the Syrian government’s existence altogether.