The Anti-Israel Boycott Act

There is a small country with very deep pockets
And a collection of hundreds of nuclear rockets
A country that’s run by a system of laws
That has children in prison without any cause
Where a minority rules an occupied nation
That lives and dies in subjugation
An apartheid state if there ever was one
Since ’48, when the Settlers won

And there is a big country that’s ruled by the dollar
Where those who have money hold the dog by the collar
AIPAC speaks, senators jump
From those among them who are lovers of Trump
To the liberals in Portland, Seattle, DC
Wyden and Cantwell and Ted Cruz agree
That the harshest of means are justified by the ends
Whenever it comes to our Zionist friends

So AIPAC proposed and Ted Wyden concurred
To talk of a boycott is completely absurd
And must be opposed by a very big fine
And two decades in prison if you step out of line
So if this law passes, this law against speech
You might be prepared for a spectacular breach
Though no one would have the least bit to gain
And a whole lot to lose if you were to sing this refrain

If you support the boycott of Israel

Such a short chorus, but not easy to sing
When you think of consequences it could bring
It’s a dangerous time to say what you think
To express an opinion, to mix paper with ink
You’re anti-Semitic will be the line of attack
If you dare to support those who fight back
And if that’s not enough to keep you out of the fray
They could fine you a million for daring to say

Whether you support a boycott or not
Perhaps we can agree on the situation we’ve got
A country of settlers, an occupied land
Senators under AIPAC’s command
Who talk about rights, who talk about justice
Who position themselves like they lead a “resistance”
Who think that democracy and free speech is fine
As long as we never cross this line