The Golden Rule

Albert was in Pearl Harbor, that’s just where he happened to be
After serving through the war in the Navy
It was the 6th of August, he’d never felt this way before
He decided then there was no way to morally fight a war

Albert joined the Society of Friends
Like him they believed the means must match the ends
He resigned from the Navy, for he would be no one’s tool
Who did not believe in the Golden Rule

You do unto others as you’d have them do unto you
The Golden Rule, the Golden Rule

What do you do when you join the opposition
He collected signatures, sent in the petitions
Sometimes you must bear witness, you can’t just burn the fuel
So Albert and his comrades set out on the Golden Rule

People traveled across the ocean and they searched in vain
To find remedies for the scars from the radiation rain
Every week a new explosion in this planetary dual
To test weapons of mass destruction – enter the Golden Rule

They were arrested in Hawaii, at least this particular crew
The Hiroshima Phoenix was the first boat to make it through
To publicize the tests that were unraveling the spool
And to introduce the Golden Rule