There’s Water on the Moon

The news isn’t getting any brighter
The death toll isn’t getting any lighter
There’s a dark pall drifting overhead
With so many more people dead
Turn on the computer or the TV set
It’s a world full of anger and death threats
What could happen if life could be supported
Somewhere else where things might be better sorted

A place where some could start anew
Another way to say we’re not through
Despite all of the destruction, all the bad decisions made
All of the madness we could trade
For a place more remote than primate or penguin
Has long ever been
There’s a discovery, a silver lining for the cloud
That has some folks singing out loud

There’s water on the moon way up there
Maybe you and I should go
Live on a frozen lake without a care
Looking down at the Earth below

The cafes are all closed, you won’t miss the sight
Of someone bring to your table a flat white
We can still make espresso up there
In our bubbles, breathing freshly-manufactured air
When we go outside we can jump so high
You speak into your mic, I’ll hear your reply
We can look at the green Earth, wish it well
From up in the place that makes the waves swell


Up there life is simple with just a couple distractions
Too few of us to form a faction
We all practice great lunar hygiene
All tested, cleared and quarantined
Go back to visit now and again
The planet we lived in way back when
Before the satellites found H2O
And some of us said fuck it let’s go


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