They Lied

They lied about the wars, took time to figure out
That democracy and freedom was not what it was about
They said we’d fight the terrorists, but all that I could see
Was I was occupying someone else’s country
They lied about the weapons, they all were so convinced
The generals on the TV, haven’t heard from them since
They say it was an accident – but I think it was their plan
They spread the lie on CNN and NPR and C-SPAN
They lied about the jobs, all the pundits used to say
Before this city was abandoned and the good jobs went away
Sign up to this free trade bill, win-win all around
Now half the guys I used to know are six feet underground

Lying is all they seem to do, looking at us on TV
They pretend they care, but it’s all about the money
Which anyone can tell, if you have half a brain
Why I should believe them now, it just seems insane
Talk turned to the virus, what we all stood to lose
I was not the only one who thought it was fake news
I just went about my life like I normally would do
So maybe I’ll catch a cold, I thought, or a little flu

They lie about so much, I wish it were not true
But from this hospital bed, if I could just click “un-do”
I guess I would have worn a mask, stayed home to quarantine
Instead of being intubated, hooked up to this machine
You can say that I’m an idiot – maybe, I don’t know
But before I take my leave, before I have to go
Before they stick me in a box, with quarters on my eyes
There’s lots of blame to go around here, and I know where it lies

They lied about the wars

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