This Machine

This machine is dangerous, it communicates
It can carry memes that can destabilize a state
It can carry rumors, whether true or not
It can sow discord, just like an agent or a bot
It can bring people together, it can unify
Or it can spread half-truths and lies

This machine is dangerous, it can light a fire
There may be no limit to what it can inspire
Bring a person to the edge of sanity and back
It can mobilize a mob to attack
It can fire ammunition, with each swing of a pick
Faster than Jackie Chan can kick

This machine is dangerous, it’s locked and loaded
Each string is a grenade that hasn’t yet exploded
Because it exists here in the world, on the net
Whether it’s on Twitch or on your TV set
With words, ideas can spread
Each one a potential bullet in the head

This machine is dangerous, it can make you dance
It can make you feel like maybe you have a chance
It can sell a brand of ketchup, it can save your soul
It can create division, if division is the goal
It can build a movement, or it can call it out
Of one thing at least there is no doubt

This machine is dangerous