This Rage

Portland’s where I reside
Let me tell you about life on the inside
Here within the hipster fortress
The future is anybody’s guess
Feels like it’s just getting dimmer
Like a city set on “simmer”
So many trying their level best
Not to be eaten by the stress

Temperatures rising along with the rent
All the good times came and went
Each new year gets more hot
Til this rage is all I got

And it’s a violent rage, down in the gut
It festers like an open cut
Like a fire in search of wood
Could burn down a house – maybe it should
It’s a violent rage, it disturbs the peace
A head of steam that seeks release
It’s anger with a will
It could maim, it could kill

It’s a violent rage – look around
You can smell it, it makes a sound
Like burning plastic, honking cars
Like a stinking corpse beneath the stars
It’s a violent rage, it might be armed
Could be your neighbor who gets harmed
Could be your kid, could be the cat
Or the greedy bastard who owns your flat