Times Gone By

Driving down this highway once again on my own
Make me think of other times I wasn’t so alone
When coming to this country reminded me of you
Made me think about your eyes and all the things we used to do
I think about the river and I think about the park
And all the things we did with a candle in the dark
I think about our bedroom and the cafe down the street
Where I spent so many hours weathering the heat

I remember you Here beneath the cloudy sky
I remember you And the times gone by

I think about the passion and the things you said to me
When the world was ours and we were lucky just to be
I think about your tears and the gulf that seemed to grow
I think about the winter sky and how it seemed to know
I think of our final words and how you looked at me
Like some sailor for the last time going out to sea
I got into the taxi, saw the look within your eye
You were saying see you soon, but you really meant goodbye


Now I’m going down this lonely road, this land we used to share
But if I go to your apartment I know you won’t be there
‘Cause I’m stuck here in this car with too much time to think
And I can see you clearly every time I blink
I’m looking at the asphalt, thinking of the past
How things just seem to change and good things often do not last
Life can be a bed of roses or a board of darts
But it seems to me so often like a trail of broken hearts


Sheet music for this song may be found in Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

“Times Gone By” originally appeared on the 2003 CD, The Return, and later on the 2009 CD, Waiting for the Fall:  a Retrospective.

It’s a love song.