To Agree with the DNC

To agree with the DNC is a tricky line to walk
You gotta stay away from the details, but know all the points to talk
You have to move your lips as if you care about the black and brown
Slap the wrists of the racist cops gunning the people down
But when it comes to housing folks priced out of town who are living in the dump
You can’t support rent control – Wall Street might slump

To agree with the DNC, you must talk of climate change
You must have a position on ethanol, and whether chickens are free range
You support lower emissions standards, and carbon cap and trade
But when it comes to actual science, and the change that must be made
You’ll rail day and night at the antics of the Squad
While giving all the frackers the old wink and nod

To agree with the DNC, you must support all genders
When it comes to bathroom access, you’re the great defender
But making sure those runaways have somewhere safe to live
They should run away to Cuba – here, that’s too much help to give
It smacks of socialism – and that’s going much too far, you know
Speak of hope and change, but support the status quo

To agree with the DNC, your face must have two sides
Quote MLK all through the day, while at the same time you deride
All the social policies and economic transformation
That the man said were needed for any decent nation
Quote “I have a dream,” but don’t speak of the demands
Of his March on Washington for equality, jobs and land

To agree with the DNC, you must say that you love peace
But in the face of those damn Russians, you lament, the world needs police
And the trillion-dollar budget we must raise each year
Is a sacrifice we must make, though sometimes we shed a tear
That it is necessary to spend so much on guns and bombs
That there’s nothing left for child care, or feeding sons and moms

To agree with the DNC