I was hanging with my friends
We were by a lake
It seemed like a perfect place
To take a little break
We wandered ’round the lake
Then we saw a boat
We thought that we should just
See if it might float

I was trying hard to push it
But that boat wouldn’t budge
Then two of us were pushing it
Trying very hard to trudge
But that boat wasn’t moving
Til I came up with a plan
We’ll all push it in together
Together, yes we can

If we all push together (3x)
We can take that boat to sea

We got that boat into the water
But when I tried to nake it go
That thing just went in circles
No matter how much I did row
But when we got it all together
With two oars on either side
We were really cruisin’
We had such a good old ride

When we all row together (3x)
We can take that boat to sea

We came upon an island
And we thought we’d spend the night
Go back home the next day
By the morning light
Now we knew what to do
To bring the boat back onto land
We all grabbed the rope
And pulled together hand in hand

If we all pull together (3x)
We can take that boat to shore

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“Together” appears on my first CD of children’s music, Har Har Har.

It’s a basic and obvious thing, but often surprisingly controversial. ┬áThat is, if you work together with other people, there are a lot of things can be done much, much better.