Torches and Pitchforks

It was all hard enough before the pandemic, and then the house of cards fell
You might have been given some money, if the bureaucracy was functioning well
But it’s the end of July, that extra six hundred is now going bye-bye
I could move out and find somewhere to go and quietly die

Or I could spend the last of my money on torches and pitchforks

We were way past the breaking point, so many years ago
The American Dream had lost its sheen, if it ever had any to show
Uninsured, overworked, drowning in debt and overdue bills
It seems like the point where we change the approach and emphasize other skills

So I’m spending the last of my money on torches and pitchforks

The line at the food bank is never ending, it stretches on for blocks
You can keep looking for a way out, but opportunity never knocks
But on the other side of that river, those mansions are doing just fine
How hungry do we need to be before we cross that invisible line

And spend the last of our money on torches and pitchforks