Twitter Troll Jig

If you like my music, that’s very nice
But if you want to book a gig, you better think twice
Post a tweet about it and God save your soul
Now you’ll be hounded by the Twitter trolls
If that’s how you like to begin your day
Then by all means go and tweet away
But if you value your sanity, think again
Before you leap into the lion’s den

They’ll tell you that I’m an antisemite
Who has sympathies with the far right
They’ll tell you I’m a holocaust denier
They will set your Twitter feed on fire
They’ll hack your accounts and call you names
They’ll gaslight you with mind games
They will misquote things I said
And then they’ll call for your head

If you run a festival or an open mic
And you heard on Spotify a song you like
Do your research before you say a thing
Anywhere the trolls are king
What? You hired him? That old white fart?
You some kind of racist? You call that art?
Welcome to the internet, the modern age
Where rage is all the rage

Accountability, you’ll find none
That’s just how they have their fun
Cast allegations, see which float
Read every word that I ever wrote
Find the transgressions – he said that?
Call him out, beat him with a bat
Cancel him, shun him, make sure he knows
He’s on the blacklist wherever he goes