Two Mommies and Two Daddies

I know some kids who have two moms
Others who have one
I know some kids who have two dads
Others who have none
Now if they love their kids
That’s the real test
But I’ll tell you what I think
Is the very best

I have got two mommies
But I’ll tell you what is more
I also have two daddies
And I think I’ll keep all four

Kids ask me how this happened
It’s a little hard to say
All that I can tell them
Is I really like it just this way
‘Cause you know sometimes
Three of them are busy
But then there’s always one
Who can come and play with me


Now sometimes life is hard
As everybody knows
Sometimes things don’t go your way
That’s just the way it goes
But with two mommies and two daddies
The skies are always bright
There’s always one to cheer me up
And make everything alright


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“Two Mommies and Two Daddies” appears on my first CD of chidren’s music, Har Har Har.

There is still stigma attached to being a child living in any kind of nontraditional family structure.  We humans are conformist by nature, it seems, so even when something is generally tolerated — things like divorce, or being gay, or being polyamorous — it’s still tough.  So I thought a proud song about having four parents was in order!

I had a great time singing this song for thousands of folks in Australia one day at a marriage equality rally around 2009 or so.