Union Makes Us Strong

Back in the Depression farmers held the line
When the bank came for an auction together they’d combine
They knew that when divided they could never win
So they stood shoulder to shoulder and didn’t let the bankers in

They stood shoulder to shoulder, that’s how they kept their farms
If one of them was threatened it was for all to be alarmed
They said this was their land and they’d help each other stay
That’s how they kept their farms, that’s why the bankers went away

‘Cause the union makes us strong
The union makes us strong

Back in the Depression there was not enough to eat
But the Union of the Unemployed was in the driver’s seat
If the cops did an eviction, took the bed and put it out
The neighbors would carry it in, sing a song and shout


I can hear him talking, you’ve got to look at the long view
Back in the Depression almost everybody knew
If competition was so great why don’t they do it with themselves
Instead of buying off the Congress and ruling by cartel


During the Depression people fought and won back then
Now the battle’s global and it was must be won again
They will try to divide us but even on the darkest day
While I listen closely I hear a billion people say


Sheet music:
Union Makes Us Strong

“Union Makes Us Strong” appears on the Soundclick album, Ten New Songs (2010).

My friend Bob Steck told me stories about the 1930’s, when farmers in the midwest, where he grew up, would stand shoulder to shoulder at auctions the banks would hold, in order to bid a penny on everything the banks were trying to auction, and then give all the stuff back to the farmer whose stuff they were auctioning. ┬áThat kind of solidarity was a defining characteristic of the labor movement and movement of the farmers, the unemployed, and other movements of the time.