Upon Our Shores

Did you get up in the morning, see your kids off to school
As you headed to the office was it hard to keep your cool
When you saw the news and the picture of the boy
On the beach just down the coast from the ancient town of Troy
Did you think about the victims of these most uncivil wars
When you saw the children washing up upon our shores

Did you hear the pundits talking, did you hear them say
We must have law and order, all these migrants cannot stay
Did you see the people walking, trying not to look
At the headlines splashed around them and this photo someone took
Did you want to shout at each of them, knock on every door
And tell them there are children washing up upon our shores

Is the thought seared in your mind when you see your son or daughter
Of this child from Kobane face down beside the water
Did you keep on asking since then, what if it had been you
Do you just wish that you could find out what just one person could do
Is his image all around you as the sweat comes from your pores
There are children washing upon upon our shores

Do you just keep on asking yourself the question why
As you make dinner for your children, this one had to die
If you just hit the road from England a few days south and east
Do you think about how you could, and once you’re there at least
You could leave a flower, and hear the wind implore
There are children washing up upon our shores