US Embassy

There was a coup in Guatemala, the CIA sent planes
To assist the Guatemalan generals in tightening the chains
Two hundred thousand Indians killed in thirty years
As butchers of their people, the generals have no peers
Where did they get their guns up to this very day
From the men of the CIA

There was a coup in Chile ’cause the US couldn’t stand
A democratic government that might give a helping hand
So the generals took over after they had made a pact
With their friends in Washington, and that’s a simple fact
This is what we look like when you scratch away the fuzz
This is what America does

But there’s never been a coup in Washington, DC
Because they don’t have a US embassy

There was a coup in Haiti that overthrew the priest
Who was representing those who had the very least
They were almost self-sufficient, standing on their feet
When the generals insisted on democracy’s defeat
The CIA headed south and the lifeboats sallied forth
This is why the refugees go north


There was a coup in Tegucigalpa, I promise I’m not lying
As a consequence of this people are leaving and dying
Gunning down democracy is the USA’s MO
It could be called Hypocrisy if it were a TV show
But this is not a fiction, these are bodies full of lead
And thousands and thousands of refugees dead


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“US Embassy” appears on the 2014 Bandcamp album, When I’m Elected President.

I don’t know how far back the joke goes, but definitely at least half a century or so — “why has there never been a coup in the US?  Because we don’t have a US embassy.”  Then one day while walking down Commercial Street in Vancouver, BC, it occurred to me that this could make a good chorus.