Vaccine (A Love Song)

I woke up yesterday morning, heard the news report
The announcement of a study, with no partisan retort
90% effective is the phrase that’s on repeat
Whoever has a majority of Congressional seats
It might be too late to stop the coming round
Of who knows how many more bodies in the ground
But suddenly the future looks a lot less bleak
Than it did last spring, or just last week
As it’s sinking in just what this could mean

Most of our problems, the vaccine will not stop
It won’t end evictions or abolish killer cops
But when we have a protest we can sing into a mic
Without worrying about a viral spike
Get back to the life we had before
You know, growing inequality and an impending civil war
Such a precipice we’re on in so many places
But soon maybe we’ll meet it without masks upon our faces
And we can hug and kiss and groom and preen

Cheek to cheek, nose to nose
In every indoor space that hasn’t had to close
All of us left alive will appreciate, no doubt
The simplest things that a good life is all about
Some folks will not like it, they’ll make videos
They’ll reach every corner where the paranoia grows
No telling how much time it’ll take to save our skin
But it seems that maybe we’re in a position to begin
Together out there in the world blue green