Waiting for the Hurricane

The economy is crashing for so many of us
Still riding in the back of the bus
More like being thrown under the wheels
If a light could be shown on how the other half feels
As they pillage and plunder, do the privileged few
Ever wonder what they’re gonna do
When the people they’re screwing can’t take anymore
Will they be ruing the day they brought on the class war
Waiting for the hurricane

The planet’s not dying, it’s being killed
Cancer rates rising with every tanker they build
It’s epidemic, no turning around
The problem’s systemic, we’re nowhere-bound
But the perpetrators at the top
Will question later before they drop
Why they spent all their time just making a buck
‘Cause it isn’t a crime, not giving a fuck

Planes are crashing in the Empire State
Bombs are falling, but we shouldn’t conflate
The war abroad with the war so near
The House of Saud with your home right here
Arab cities turned to dust from the bombs that dropped
Our country turned to rust with abandoned shops
Refugees dying as they try to escape
Parents crying behind police tape

“Waiting for the Hurricane” appears on the CD and Bandcamp album, The Other Side (2015).

Literally and figuratively, I am waiting for the hurricane, as are so many others.  Literally, with wind speeds worldwide up more than 50% as a result of climate change, we are all waiting for more and bigger and more destructive hurricanes.  And in so many other ways, both related to climate change and related to other phenomena, it feels like that, too.