Walking on the Ceiling

I woke up one day
Kissed my teddy on her head
I pulled off the covers
And I rolled out of bed
But then I looked at my feet
And I had to close my eyes
Because what I saw
Was just too much of a surprise

My bed was far below me
And I was nowhere near
It was on the ground
While I was way up here
Looking way down there
It was such a funny feeling
The day I rolled out of bed
And I landed on the ceiling

What goes up must come down
Or so I have heard it said
But I guess sometimes what goes down
Must go up instead

I tried to take a step
But it wasn’t going well
I put one foot forward
And then suddenly I fell
I got back on my feet
But I was not on the floor
I was walking on the ceiling
Right out my bedroom door


I walked into the living room
My mom was sitting there
Suddenly she started howling
It was just too much to bear
Something’s very wrong!
My mom shouted with a stare
“I am on the ground
But you are in the air!”


“Can I have a glass of soy milk,
I’m thirsty way up here”
My mommy gave it to me
With a whimper and a tear
I brought the cup up to my lips
To drink a big old slug
But it poured out from the mug
And landed on the rug


My mother stood up on a chair
And grabbed me by the hand
And what happened then
I may never understand
She pulled me to the floor
And that’s where I did stay
But I never will forget
What I learned on that day


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“Walking on the Ceiling” appears on my first CD of children’s music, Har Har Har (2008).

A song about physics.  Or it would be, if it were actually possible.  As it is, it’s more of a misleading song that isn’t about physics, but pretends to be.