Watch the Buildings Crumble

I heard them marching, chanting “kill them all”
I saw millions of people trapped behind ghetto walls
I saw the soldiers shooting every Friday afternoon
I saw some exposed to sickness with others made immune
I saw the tear gas in Al-Aqsa, eyes open wide
I saw the mob attack the motorist and beat him til he died
I heard the generals lying, I saw the tanks moving in
I heard the settlers shouting “let the killing begin”

Look up above, hear the ear-splitting sound
Watch the buildings crumble to the ground
See the planes in the sky there by the sea
So much like New York City

I heard the wailing voices of the dying and forlorn
Of the kids who couldn’t get out and those who weren’t warned
I saw all the schools and the hospitals in pieces there still
From the last time the IDF came to maim and kill
I saw the brave children with piles of rocks
Facing tanks demolishing city blocks
What’s left of the grove but some sap
As they try to wipe Palestine off the map


I heard the DNC and all the Republicans too
Pledge allegiance to Netanyahu
I heard the president starting the story with rockets launched from a ghetto
Where people live in rubble, starved by an embargo
I saw a whole lot of crocodile tears on display
For the zillionth time I heard politicians say
Can both sides please deescalate
On one side are the occupied, on the other, an apartheid state


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