We Just Want the World

When we’re living in the White House
And debating on the hill
Of all your crazy antics
We’ll all have had our fill
We’ll be closing down munitions plants
And Old Glory will be furled
‘Cause we don’t want your big machines
We just want the world

And a bill will be proposed
Section number one
We’re shutting down the oil rigs
And turning towards the sun
The air will be clean
For all the boys and girls
‘Cause we don’t want your oil tankers
We just want the world

Face the executioner
Shut the logging camps all down
Get busy planting hemp
Leave the trees there in the ground
Life is so precious
On this little, spinning pearl
We don’t want your bulldozers
We just want the world

We’ll be closing down the jails
Fixing up the schools
Distributing those stocks and bonds
Changing all the rules
We’ll elect a CEO
Maybe a rabbit or a squirrel
‘Cause we don’t want your money
We just want the world

We’ll be swimming in the rivers
And running to the hills
Reading in the history books
Of wars and oil spills
If it’s linear we’ll bend it
If it’s a straight line it’ll curl
‘Cause we don’t want your dead-end highway
We just want the world

Sheet music for this song may be found in Songbook Vol I (1997-2004).

“We Just Want the World” is the title track of the CD from 1998.

After spending a lot of time hanging around with Robert Hoyt and hanging around in Earth First! circles, I wrote this.