Wear A Mask

Wear a mask (wear a mask)
For any task (for any task)
Especially if you’re indoors
Or there’s not much space from my face to yours
If you care (if you care)
Then you wear (then you wear)
A barrier of some kind
Between your face and mine

Over time (over time)
You will find (you will find)
It’s just about as hard
As remembering your credit card
Go on strike (go on strike)
As you like (as you like)
But out there on the picket line
Keep some space between the signs

Go to the mall (to the mall)
Have a ball (have a ball)
But if you’re there to shop or loot the place
Don’t forget to cover your face
Sanitize (sanitize)
Watch out for spies (watch out for spies)
Undercover cops, provocateurs
Divide and conquer connoisseurs

Drive a tank (drive a tank)
Rob a bank (rob a bank)
Just make sure you dress appropriately
As you walk off with the money
Go downtown (go downtown)
And burn down (and burn down)
The police station, but be wise
And wash the tear gas from your eyes

Yes, wear a mask