What Am I Doing Here

I’m sitting on this stool, I can hear the punters talk
I’m looking out the window and I think that I might walk
The monitors don’t work, and even if they would
I could turn up the volume but it wouldn’t do any good
What am I doing here, I can hear the voices say
Five thousand miles away from home

There’s a man in front of me, he is very drunk
He might have been a sailor once but now his ship is sunk
There are nineteen other people, some of them are looking at me
I should sing another song now but I’d really rather flee
What am I doing here at this gig that doesn’t pay
Five thousand miles away from home

The last bus is at eleven, I hear someone complain
Half of them get up and walk out in the rain
The only woman in the room is filling up a jar
Looking at the clock as she stands behind the bar
What am I doing here, instead of where you lay
Five thousand miles away from home

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“What Am I Doing Here” appears on the 2013 Bandcamp album, Into A Prism.

I had a really shit gig in Dublin one night and wondered what I was doing with my life, as you do in such situations. ┬áIt’s a love song, a road song, a road love song, or something.