What’s Gonna Happen

What’s gonna happen, everybody wants to know
Everybody’s talking about how it’s gonna go
When the political elite is replaced
By the billionaire from Manhattan Chase
The billionaire who went for broke
On behalf of the forgotten folk
Or so he claimed each time when
He said he’d make America great again

What’s gonna happen if it becomes clear
To all those who once held him dear
That they’ve been conned, stabbed in the back
Who gets blamed, who gets attacked
What’s the fallout of the ruse
What’s the scapegoat the man might use
If he’s cornered, what’s he like
Will he hide or will he strike

What’s gonna happen when we all find
That we’re just being robbed blind
By a grand cabal of corporate crooks
Led by the man who wrote the book
On bribery and tax evasion
In which the only relevant equation
Is how to become number one
Whichever way you got to get it done

What’s gonna happen when the DNC
Blames Russia for his victory
When the neoliberals who set the stage
Try to harness all the rage
Will folks jump on, try to ignore
All the betrayals that happened before
Will we demonstrate that we have shown
We’re ready for the great unknown

What’s gonna happen after the inauguration
The first challenging situation
Mass arrests, deportations
The destruction of all creation
Rising up, martial law
Rule by talon, rule by claw
A new beginning, the end of it all
What comes next is anybody’s call

What’s gonna happen