When I’m Elected President

When I’m elected President the first thing that I’ll do
Nationalize all the banks and give all the money to you
Raise taxes on the rich until there are no rich any more
My government’s first priority will be to win the class war

When I’m elected President I’ll make housing a human right
With the Party in control of the Congress that won’t be a difficult fight
Folks can move out from under the bridges into the vacation homes of the gentry
There will be no hungry children, not in my 21st century

When I’m elected President we will modernize the country
Solar panels on every rooftop, windmills in every county
Flat Earth Society members will have to see that the world is round
Coal, oil, uranium will all have to stay underground

When I’m elected President drug prohibition will end
The livelihood of towns no longer will depend
On jailing millions for the crime of getting high
On imprisoning the poor for trying to get by

When I’m elected President we’ll use old tanks for flowerpots
Turn West Point into a garden, we’ll call it an anarchist plot
We’ll bring all the soldiers home, put them to work building railways
The pace of my government’s transition plan will inspire and amaze

When I’m elected President we’ll turn the country on its face
When my government gets going you won’t recognize the place
Ecotopian equality, we start building in November
When Election Day comes around, you just remember

When I’m elected President

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“When I’m Elected President” is the title track of the 2014 Bandcamp album.

I was thinking I should run for president.  Then I thought, whether or not I run, I should have a campaign song.