When Julian Met Stella

When Julian met Stella, in the embassy
In the only room for seven years that he would ever see
Guarded by police, with cops on every street
An unusual situation for the first time you should meet

When Julian met Stella, the time they spent
Was increasingly within the walls of a little tent
Where they could have some privacy from the ever-present gaze
Under which he was spending all his nights and days

When Julian met Stella, there was the chance of grace
Perhaps the president would decide to drop the case
They had two children beneath the watchful eyes
Of the Americans and British and all kinds of other spies

When Julian met Stella, on Embassy Row
It was before he was abducted and forced to go
To Belmarsh Prison, without a chance to speak
Awaiting the extradition that the USA seeks

When Julian met Stella, the folks at the UN
And people all around the world spoke out then
This journalist belongs among the free
Not in prison for exposing crimes against humanity

When Julian met Stella

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