When the Shooting Ended

He walked into the classroom and began to open fire
From one room to another, the body count rose higher
Girls didn’t like him, he did not know why
But he announced before his rampage they then deserved to die
Each time he squeezed the trigger so many bullets flew
Each time they hit students, bodies fell on cue
The Assault Weapons Ban had expired years before
That’s how this boy got access to these weapons of war
When the shooting ended there was Congressional debate
Without the slightest change of course for the ship of state
When the shooting ended

It was just a few years later, a thousand massacres between
Another state, another school, a mind impossible to glean
A privileged young man killed his mother with her gun
And then long before the morning was done
He drove to his old grade school, before the clock had time to tick
Huddled in a corner were the lifeless 26
Six adults and twenty children – there one minute, and then dead
Drowned inside the classroom in a thick sea of red
When the shooting ended they said the nation was in shock
But the Congress could do nothing to take away the Glocks
When the shooting ended

When the man entered the night club, hearts around him sank
As they all realized they were like fish inside a tank
Completely defenseless in the room where they were placed
As one by one, three by three their young lives were erased
One more man whose wishes could hardly be denied
49 lives later, he got his suicide
They talked about his mental health, how he used to smoke hash
Meanwhile in DC the lobby handed out the cash
When the shooting ended, politicians wined and dined
Yes the NRA made sure their pockets were relined
When the shooting ended

The shells rained down from the garage, far more from the hotel
And in churches that were turned into a fiery hell
Post offices and cinemas and so many living rooms
Where what started as a party ended as a tomb
Even rightwing Congressmen on the firing line
From his hospital bed he mindlessly repined
“The greatest country in the world is the USA
Just make sure to bring your gun when you go to church and pray”
When the shooting ended the president and the mayor
Said the victims and their loved ones were in their thoughts and prayers
When the shooting ended