Wookey Hole Inn

There are birds out in the garden
And deer out in the wood
Where you wouldn’t be surprised
To run into Robin Hood
Somewhere near the vista
That looks out upon the shire
So far from the streets of London
Many miles from the mire
Where somewhere in the caves
You might find a friendly troll
Out there by the Inn of Wookey Hole

There’s a cellar full of wine
Taps full of real ale
Lovers in the forest
Upon the mountain trail
The band is dining
To the tune of wild bass
In the rooms above the bar
They’re smoking wild grass
It was there
When I think I found my soul
Somewhere inside the Inn of Wookey Hole

Ian wants to know
If everything’s OK
And I just don’t know
What there is to say
With you sitting on this sofa
With that look inside your eye
I feel like I’ve made it to the top
And now I’m ready for to die
Cause if the game of life is living
Then I’ve scored the winning goal
Out there at the Inn of Wookey Hole

“Wookey Hole Inn” appears on the 2005 Soundclick album, Waiting for the Fall.

It’s a love song that takes place at an inn in a little town in England that I’ve been to on several exceptionally wonderful occasions.